Brand Protection/Counterfeiting Articles 2016/17

Britain faces £1.7billion fine from EU over counterfeit goods

Counterfeit UK Borders Christmas

How will Brexit Effect your EU Brand Protection?

7 People in California Die After Taking Counterfeit Prescription Painkillers

Fake passport seizures at UK borders ‘at five-year high’

BMW Brand Protection – Fake Products, Real Threats

How well do you know if the food you are buying are original products?

Cigarettes worth £9,000 seized during raids on Crewe properties

HMRC hails huge cut in UK tobacco Fraud

Counterfeit Goods

Counterfeit car parts could kill you

Designer clothes, trainers, piles of cigarettes seized by Police in Manchester

Crackdown nets 28,000 illegal cigarettes and a stash of cash 

€3.5 billion losses due to fake jewellery and handbags 

Hilariously named fake Star Wars toys

One in THIRTY £1 coins is a FAKE

Italian police shut down fake prada website

Louis vuitton sues counterfeit online sellers in china

Thai border market vendors torpedo crackdown on counterfeits

Top counterfeiting risks manufacturers face in 2016

Battle against drug counterfeiting continues-2016